Surgical Garment Moon Pants

Moon Pants

GIS-7SM Moon Pant S/M (Waist 16"- 36") 50/box
GIS-7ML Moon Pant M/L (Waist 18"- 48") 50/box
GIS-7XL Moon Pant XL (Waist 25" - 65") 45/box
GIS-13 Moon Pant M/L (Waist 18" - 48") 50/box

Preserve patient modesty and dignity, available in short or long pant, variety of sizes

Product Description

  • Ideal for colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, barium enema and prostate ultrasound
  • Disposable shorts and pants with adhesive tabs for easy positioning
  • Flap opens for procedure, then re-closes for transport

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