VIVA Combo™ RF Generator

Category: RF Generator System  


Dedicated RF generator for ELRA™ and EUSRA™ which provides safe and optimal procedure

Details / Features

    Solutions for Thermo-Ablation with RF medical technologies

    Temperature Mode for ELRA™

    This mode is a temperature controlled system. It is applied to the generator with a pre-setting value (Temperature, Power, and Time) before procedures. Automatically, it begins to operate at a specific temperature, power output, and time duration.

    Continuance Mode for EUSRA™

    The RF power output is generated continuously with the setting value until the impedance value reaches 800 ohms Under Continuance Mode, EUSRA™ has to connect with VIVA PUMP for cooling inside of the needle.

    VIVA PUMP - Internal cooling system

    The VIVA PUMP circulates saline through the electrode to lower the temperature around the active tip of the electrode, inducing larger volumes of tissue and eliminating tissue charring.