DeltaFlo Orthopaedic Suction Device

Category: Surgery  

DeltaFlo Orthopedic suction set with filter. Removes debris and bone fragments without blocking. The large amounts of debris produced during orthopedic surgery (bone fragments, chips, cement, marrow and blood clots) can often block conventional narrow-gauge suction sets. Now, thanks to DeltaFlo, it’s easy to keep the operative area visible and clean. The special filter built into the handle automatically traps solids and can be exchanged in a matter of seconds when filled.

Product Description

Not only does DeltaFlo minimize contact with body fluids, it’s effective non-block design helps shorten the procedure which in turn decreases the risk of damage to the tissue, infection and post-operative complications. Additionally, DeltaFlo significantly reduces damage to active red blood cells, which makes it ideal for collection of blood.

Patented filter system prevents inconvenient and time consuming blockages

  • Increased filter capacity makes DeltaFlo ideal for hip arthroplasty and other procedures that produce a large amount of debris.
  • Ideal for peri-operative blood collection
  • Also well-suited for treatment of aortic aneurysms, spinal surgery, and abdominal/ urological procedures including removal of kidney stone fragments
  • Non-block design decreases risk of damage to tissue and post-operative infections and complications
  • Filter exchange takes only a few seconds
  • Reversible suction tips provide extra length for intra-femoral suction and eliminates need for additional equipment
  • Non slip handle ensures total control, even with wet hands

Each package includes a handle, 3 suction tips & 2 filters

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