Surgical Garment Defenz Gowns

Defenz Gowns (Staff)™

Product Code / Ordering Information

Item No Title Quantity  
GIS-11D Denfenz Gowns M/L 50/box
GIS-11M Denfenz Gowns M/L 50/box
GIS-8XL Denfenz Gowns XL 45/box
GIS-8XLC Denfenz Gowns XL 45/box

Staff & Patient Garments from Instrumed Surgical and G.I. Supply. Extra comfort for your procedures, extra care for your patient’s peace of mind. • All products are made of soft, comfortable fabric. • Fluid resistant • Variety of sizes • Disposable Soft, comfortable, disposable, fluid resistant fabric with open back for cool comfort.

Product Description

  • Apron design for easy donning & removal
  • Open back for cool comfort
  • Protects front and arms from bodily fluids
  • Available with knitted cuffed sleeves

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