Endoscopy Ultima Bloc

Ultima Bloc™

Product Code / Ordering Information

Item No Title Quantity
GIS-4D BiteBlocs® Box of 25
GIS-4M BiteBlocs® Box of 100

Slip-Slope Design slides back into the patient's mouth naturally providing a secure fit. Flat surface effortlessly hold tongue out of the way. Designed to protect your patient's lips, teeth and jaw. Protects scopes from bite damage, latex free, accomodates up to 50 Fr.

Product Description

  • Patented Slip-Slope design slides bite bloc back into patient’s mouth naturally providing an improved secure fit
  • Protect your patient’s lips, teeth and jaw
  • Protects scopes from bite damage
  • Latex free
  • Adjustable head strap included
  • Up to 50 Fr dilator
  • Available in boxes of 25 or 100

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