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Instrumed Surgical is proud of being one of Canada's leading Healthcare providers. During the last 21 years we have built an excellent reputation with most if not all hospitals in this country.

Esophageal Stent
Esophageal Double Stent
Pyloric Stent (TTS)
Biliary Stent (Endoscopic TTS)
Biliary Stent (Y-type)

Colorectal Stent

Esophageal Stent
Esophageal Double Stent
Pyloric Stent
Biliary Stent (Percutaneous)

Colorectal Stent
Biliary Stent (T-type)

Tracheal Stent
Bronchial Stent
Urethral Stent
Tips Stent
Vascular Stent

Compression Devices

The Elite Smoke Evacuator incorporates advanced smoke evacuation technology, which allows for instant suction and instant high flow rates. The Elite Smoke Evacuator is the most advanced system on the market today. As a result of our new type of charcoal, the filter will also last at least thirteen hours longer than other filters and control odours more efficiently. With our new technology we are able to track filter media and charcoal absorption, therefore indicating the need for a filter change.

Spot is the first and only non India ink based FDA approved product for marking or “tattooing” the GI tract. Each syringe contains 5cc of a sterile, biocompatible, non-pyrogenic suspension containing highly purified carbon particles. The particles remain in the submucosal injection site creating a permanent mark that remains visible on the mucosal and serosal surfaces of the colon.

Compatible with most ESU and smoked evacuation systems. For ease of use, the Surg-N-Vac ESU Pencil comes complete with 3 different length tips and 10 feet of tubing in a sterile pouch.


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