Biliary Giobor Stent

GIOBOR™ Biliary Stent

Category: Biliary Stents  

For the drainage of an obstructive jaundice through EUS-guided hepaticogastrostomy

Product Description

The Niti-S & ComVi Biliary Stent consists of the implantable metallic stent and introducer system. The stent is made of Nitinol wire. It is a flexible, fine mesh tubular prosthesis which has radiopaque markers on each end and at the center. The Stent is loaded in introducer system and upon deployment the stent imparts an outward radial force on the luminal surface of the bile duct to establish patency. Niti-S Full Covered Biliary Stents used in benign stricture can be removed; (see Warnings). Full Covered Biliary Stents can be repositioned after deployment (see Warnings).

Product Information

Instrumed Surgical offers a full range of bite block products that offer safe, sturdy protection and provide the ultimate in clinical versatility – from price competitive high volume to specialty needs.

  • Dilator sizes from 27 Fr to 60 Fr
  • Optional incorporated O2 nares
  • Most include adjustable straps for securement with a variety of patients
  • All are Latex free
  • Optional patented Slip-Slope design slides the bite block back into patient’s mouth naturally providing an more secure fit

Details / Features

  • Half covered / half uncovered
  • Covered part can prevent bile leak through transluminal track between stomach and left hepatic duct.
  • Uncovered part can prevent migration and cholangitis without obstructing side branches of hepatic ducts.
  • Flared end is located out of the stomach wall preventing migration into hepatic duct

Clinical Reference

  • Feasibility of endoscopic ultrasound-guided hepaticogastrostomy in a patient with previous gastric banding
    Endoscopy 2013 D. Galasso, E. Bories et al .